Mission of St John's Lutheran Church
The continuing purpose of this congregation, as a gathering of Christians, is to serve all people in God's world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the basis of the Holy Scriptures. The primary objective of this congregation is:

[a] to proclaim the Law and the Gospel, leading sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for life and salvation, and

[b] to strengthen believers in faith and sanctification through the means of grace, equipping them as disciples, stewards and witnesses for sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others.

The History of St John's Lutheran Church
St. John's traces its founding back to June 4, 1876 in Wayne. The current church in Westland on Glenwood Road began as a new location just for the school on Wayne Road in 1950. St. John's church was dedicated on February 12, 1967 together with additions to the school, notably the Parish Hall/ Gymnasium, kitchen and conference room.
The last building project in Westland began in 1977 with the addition of four classrooms and a music room.We welcome you to come and grow with us in Christ as a part of the St. John's community! Read on for more information on our ministry.

What is the historic Lutheran liturgy?
Receiving from God and responding to God are the heart and soul of public worship in the Christian Church. God serves the congregation, and the congregation serves God. God comes to his people in both the Word and the sacraments. His people respond with words of confession, thanks and praise, as well as hymns, spiritual songs and prayers.

Leaders in our Lutheran church today agree that the form of worship that best allows public worship to be an interaction between Christ and his Church is liturgical worship. Liturgical worship is a worship style that includes [a] the progression of the Ordinary (fixed parts) and the Proper (variable parts), [b] a focus on the various emphases of the Christian church year, and [c] a regular offering of Holy Communion.

St. John's now offers a contemporary service, blending contemporary music and technology with the historic Lutheran liturgy every 2nd & 4th Saturday.
Features of St. John's Contemporary Service include:
- Contemporary version of the Lord's Prayer
- PowerPoint display of readings, lyrics, and illustrations
- Children's Message with a visual object lesson
- Pastor stands among the people without a robe
- Member involvement in Scripture Readings
- Sermons use visual aids
- Hymns and songs to upbeat recorded or live music

Preaching God's Word for over 135 years since 1876
Teaching God's Children for over 100 years since 1913
That we may know Christ and make him known to the world!.