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Youth Groups
Lutheran Young Adults-LYA

St. John's LYA is the teenage youth group that meets for fellowship and service projects. Annually the group puts together baskets of food either for Thanksgiving or for Christmas and delivers them to needy families. Other projects have included raking leaves around the church and school. Fellowship activities have been held at Detroit Tiger games, laser-tag and video game establishments, the annual lock-in at the school, etc.

Lutheran Boy Pioneers

This is a national organization with a "wagon train" at St. John's for boys in grades K-8. They meet once or twice a month on Mondays. Outdoor activities such as camping, handicrafts, and wildlife are studied. They also take part in social activities such as sledding and archery and have opportunities to develop leadership skills. The annual archery campout together with trains in other districts is held at Killarney Lutheran Camp in October.

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Lutheran Girl Pioneers

This is a national organization with a "wagon train" at St. John's for girls in grades K-8. They usually meet on the same day and time as the boys. Girls learn a variety of skills, do crafts and service projects. The girls also enjoy archery and have had their own annual archery campouts in September but lately they have joined with the boys in their October archery campout.

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Summer Camp

St. John's is a member of the Lutheran Campsite Association that operates an outdoor recreational ministry called Killarney Lutheran Camp. Every year the summer camp staff plans exciting activities for children and families that are Christ focused: Family Day Camp and Mini Camp in June, and in July Teen Experience Camp and Adventure Camps (for 2nd - 8th grade).

For more information call 517-467-7603 or email and to ask about Summer Camp.

For general information on camping at Killarney Lutheran Camp's campgrounds and Summer Camp programs, visit